Calina On The Issues


To no fault of her own, Calina was diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 17. As a result, she has always needed to have medical insurance. At 26, she had the experience of using the Healthcare.Gov Marketplace and enrolling in a plan with a $300 per month premium, which she recognizes is not affordable for most American families. Given that her insurance was an HMO plan, she had to get referrals in order to see specialists. Calina recognizes that these types of plans force Americans to take time away from their jobs and families in order to seek referrals for specialists they need to be well and stay well. She supports accessibility of insurance, which can be solved by opening up the health insurance market and allowing insurance providers to sell plans in all states. Calina believes that we need to support our VA hospitals. She believes that we cannot consider universal healthcare until our veterans’ health is prioritized.  


Calina believes that our nation’s future success lies in the hands of our students. She believes in curriculum reform to put more emphasis on financial literacy and civics education. She believes that college is not the only option and thus recognizes the importance of vocational education to support blue collar career paths. She believes that the pursuit of vocational programs need to be normalized and that blue collar learning tracks need to be more accessible to all.


Calina also believes in supporting students after graduation. She believes that student loan forgiveness has to occur at some level, proportionate to income bracket. She believes reform requires changing certain protections to allow bankruptcy courts to decide if on an individual basis, individuals should be allowed to bankrupt out of student debt based on their circumstances. She also believes that special loan forgiveness considerations should be given to pandemic front line, essential workers, such as nurses, doctors, teachers, janitors, etc. who powered our country during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Calina believes that the United States is in need of fiscal reform. Your tax dollars should not be spent on boats that never float and aircraft that never flies while our military is poorly paid for risking their lives to protect us. She believes we need to do things differently. Calina is a proponent of funding programs that have proven track records and wants to see more transparency in our federal government’s budget. 


Calina is a supporter of responsible gun ownership. She believes that gun education should go hand-in-hand with gun ownership and that we need to increase conversation surrounding universal licensure and background checks for gun owners.


Calina believes in family. She recognizes that the concept of family looks a little different today than it has in the past. She supports the LGBTQIA community and believes that the government definition of marriage should be separate from the religious definition of marriage for true separation of church and state. Government designation of the word marriage.


Calina supports the legalization of marijuana for recreational use and, as such, believes that marijuana should be removed from the Controlled Substance Act. By regulating and taxing marijuana at the federal level, tax revenues can be vastly increased. The data from Colorado indicates that the legalization is a great source of revenue without creating an adverse effect to the community.

Calina understands the risks associated with the legalization of recreational marijuana and wants to ensure that the industry does not target children in their marketing campaigns. She believes it is essential to prohibit labeling and advertising that could be targeted at our nation’s youth. Calina also supports federal oversight and governance to protect the safety of marijuana products.